For our end of year shows we are once again using online ticketing!
We are proud to be using Humanatix, a not-for-profit ticketing platform that redirects 100% of its profits from bookings fees to projects that address the education gaps affecting the most disadvantaged children here in New Zealand and overseas.
Season One
Beth and Grace’s Tues 5.30pm – Hansel and Gretel
Nikki and Alex’s Wed 5.00pm – Cinderella
Alex and Grace’s Friday 4.00pm – Crash Site
Tech Rehearsal Thursday 25 November 5pm.
Shows- Friday 26th and Saturday 27th November.
Call time 5pm, show time 7pm.
Season Two
Wendy’s Adults Tues 7 pm Class – Young Reggie’s War
Pru and Jamie’s Thurs 6 pm Class – The Yard
Tech Rehearsal Thursday 2 December 5pm.
Shows- Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th December.
Call time 5pm, show time 7pm.
Season Three
Wendy’s Mon 4.00pm- Beatlemania
Nikki’s Mon 5.30pm- Fatal Cocktail Party
Alex and Grace’s Thurs 4.30pm – Snow White T
ech Rehearsal Wednesday 8 December 5pm.
Shows Thursday 9 and Friday 10 December.
Call time 5pm, show time 7pm.
Season Four
Wendy’s Tues 4.00pm– Director’s Disaster
Wendy’s Wed 3.30pm– The Fancy Dress Christmas Party
Tech Rehearsal Tuesday 7 December 5pm.
There will be 2 shows on Saturday 11 December.
Call time 2pm, show times 4pm and 6pm
If you require any assistance using our ticketing system, please contact or you can call Beth Reed on 027 842 8079.

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