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Established in 1992, Original Scripts Theatre School is one of the South Island’s longest standing independent theatre schools. The name highlights one of the most important differences between this theatre school and others in New Zealand, all scripts performed by the school are original. We are a performance-based theatre school with all students performing on stage at least two to three times a year. The students learn all aspects of theatre including; acting technique, character building, singing, voice & movement.

The classes are a combination of script based and devised theatre created in an afterschool programme through performance based teaching. Each class is tailored to the specific needs of the individuals in it. We foster an environment rich in learning and also fun!  Original Scripts provides a safe environment that introduces and fosters young people’s own theatre making skills. (Classes cost $195.91 (Incl gst) per term)

The school is broken up into four levels of students according to age and experience. The Junior School, where students are taught the basics of stage craft and acting. The Intermediate School, where the students’ skills are developed by the experienced teaching staff and again the students learn all aspects and disciplines of live theatre. The Senior School, where students are encouraged to contribute and explore their own creativity to expand their own knowledge.  Finally there is the Adult Class, where students can enjoy learning new theatre skills and performing on stage. These students benefit from improvements in confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, memory and the ability to interact with others.

Click here to download the Original Scripts 2022 Information Guide

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It is important that all students who are successful in gaining a place in the school remain committed and dedicated. We are always preparing for public performance and repeated absences from class means valuable skills are not being learned, important stage directions are missed and fellow students are let down. We often have lengthy waiting lists for classes and reserve the right to ask students to leave the school if they are repeatedly absent, show lack of commitment to their training or a lack of respect towards tutors and/or other students.


The Original Scripts Theatre Trust exists to support the school and to provide sponsorships for students that, for various reasons, would not be able to attend Original Scripts Theatre School. The Trust is a Registered Charitable Organisation. They work to fundraise and apply for grants that help to support the School. The Trust can be contacted through the School at


Original Scripts Theatre School has taught an extensive range of people. Some notable students include: Garreth Spillane, Tanya Horo, Karl Schmidt, Chris Parker, Adam Percival, Stephanie Cusack, Holly Chappell, Tom Eason, Andrew Ford, Josh Wolfe, Darcy Goodall, Sam Steeds, Sam McConnell, Katherine Field

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