For our end of year shows we are once again using online ticketing!
Due to covid restrictions there will be 2 shows per season with restricted seating … GET IN QUICK!
Season One
You can purchase tickets to our first season:
– Beth and Grace’s Tuesday 5.30pm Class – Hansel and Gretel
– Nikki and Alex’s Wednesday 5.00pm Class – Cinderella
– Alex and Grace’s Friday 4.00pm Class – Crash Site
Friday 26 November or Saturday 27 November at…
Season Two
You can purchase tickets to our second season:
– Wendy’s Adults Tuesday 7pm Class – Young Reggie’s War
– Pru and Jamie’s Thursday 6pm Class – The Yard
Friday 3 December or Saturday 4 December at…
Season Three
You can purchase tickets to our third season:
– Wendy’s Monday 4.00pm Class – Beatlemania
– Nikki’s Monday 5.30pm Class – Fatal Cocktail Party
– Alex and Grace’s Thursday 4.30pm Class – Snow White
Thursday 9 December or Friday 10 December, at….
Season Four
You can purchase tickets to our fourth season:
– Wendy’s Tuesday 4.00pm Class – Director’s Disaster
– Wendy’s Wednesday 3.30pm Class – The Fancy Dress Christmas Party
on Saturday 11 December (two shows) at….
If you require any assistance using our ticketing system, please contact or you can call Beth Reed on 027 842 8079.